JÖKERZWŸLD’s founding member / main songwriter / lead singer & rhythm guitarist, Scott Lee, started singing almost as soon as he could speak. Unlike all of the other kids in the neighborhood Scott Lee’s earliest musical influence was NOT the 'Hottest Band In The Land' - KISS! No, it was an American country, honky-tonk & rockabilly musician named Johnny Horton, just look him up kids!

Scott Lee formed his first band at just 15 years old and by the time he turned 17yo his band SHOT, founded in Nuremberg, Germany was signed to an American ‘Miller Beer Sponsorship’ and he soon found himself touring most of the countries in Europe which included the American Service men’s NCO Clubs & the European rock festivals circuit. One hot Saturday in July 1986 his band SHOT played a Nuremberg German Rock Festival with over 7,000 metal & hard rock fans in attendance! There were some amazing shows and often times ‘Spinal Tap’ moments that occurred during that blissful, ‘Youth Gone Wild’ eye opening European Summer Tour 1986 into 1987 & ‘88.

In 1989, after many successful rockin’ years in Germany & Europe Scott Lee relocated to sunny Daytona Beach, Florida (USA). As luck may have it a MIT (Musicians Institute of Technology) recent graduate & guitar wizard visiting his relatives in Central Florida for the summer caught one of Scott Lee’s performances at the ‘World Famous’ American Room - Deland, Florida. That amazing show stopping ‘leave it all on the stage’ performance landed him a once in a lifetime audition for a burgeoning glam rock band from Hollywood, California!

Scott Lee, of course, nailed the audition and relocated to the concrete jungle of Hollywood, California ‘the real Hollywood’! The story has it that Scott Lee was so determined to make it in music business and in Hollywood that he left his classic 1979 Oldsmobile behind at the Orlando airport with the car keys hanging in the ignition and a sign on the dashboard that read, ‘FREE CAR To The First Person That Reads This Sign!’

After arriving in Los Angeles (LAX) with a ‘long shot dream’ and after taking public transportation to the ‘mean streets’ of Hollywood Scott Lee ‘stepped off of the bus, out into the city streets, just a small town kid with his whole life packed in a suitcase by his feet’ but somehow the lights did shine bright and only got brighter with each day after arriving in the ‘not so glitzy’ streets of Hollywood. Not long after arriving in Southern California Scott Lee realized that he was in fact on his own and with a ‘need to lead’ branched out forming (originally spelled) Joker’s Wild.

JÖKERZWŸLD was formed in June 1989 with the help of legendary Los Angeles drummer, aka 'Tommy Lee Junior’ Craig Lamothe. JÖKERZWŸLD became relentless, hungry Sunset Strip promoters and a force to be reckoned with and soon found themselves being managed by the now ‘infamous’ Vicky Hamilton who also at one point managed the likes of Mötley Crüe, Guns n’ Roses & Poison just to name a few. Vicky booked shows for many bands on the Sunset Strip including JÖKERZWŸLD and for nearly two years they played every major venue up and down the Sunset Strip and deep in the San Fernando Valley sometimes opening up for some of the biggest bands of the day including, Capitol Records alumni School Of Fish & Blind Melon.

Although an elusive recording contract did in fact elude JÖKERZWŸLD, ‘Hollywood Legend’ status did NOT because during this same time period Scott Lee crafted and honed his recording engineer and production skills that landed him an ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ engineering gig at The World Famous Hollywood Landmark, the Capitol Records Building & Capitol Studios for over a decade from 1990 – 2000. Scott Lee’s recording discography is an impressive long list of celebrities and rock n’ roll clientele from some of the biggest bands in the world including Bret Michaels & Poison, Heart, Bob Seger, The Beastie Boys, LA Guns and many more high profile artist and at the pinnacle of his Capitol Records years success he was an assistant engineer for Frank Sinatra's last two highly popular multi-platinum selling albums.

After more than a decade of incredible success at the Capitol Records building and having a keen sixth sense that the music industry was shifting towards the digital age he resigned from Capitol Records and moved to shimmering ‘Sin City’ Las Vegas, Nevada. During this time he was recruited by ABC13 (KTNV) Las Vegas where he took an engineering gig becoming the top Master Control engineer for Las Vegas and the entire surrounding Clark County area.

Also, during this same time period while he was living in Sin City he turned his attention from song writing and band leading responsibilities to becoming a professional DJ where he formed the 'Hollywood Sound & Light' company and for five long years he was the 'House DJ' at an All-Nude World Famous Gentleman's Club in downtown Las Vegas. He has also DJ'd private parties, including his all time favorite, an all AC/DC songs ONLY party, countless corporate events, dozens of weddings and ‘out of control’ house parties where all guests were overwhelmingly entertained and satisfied bringing constant praise and ‘word of mouth’ business insuring that Scott Lee would never have to advertise his DJ services anywhere!

Currently, JÖKERZWŸLD, is fronted by Scott Lee (vocals, rhythm guitar) along with his songwriting partner in crime ‘The Outlaw’ Ben Trexel along with Brian 'Womp' Tomsak (bass, vocals) & ‘the best drummer in the world’ Patrick Johannson (drums).